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Custom DIGITAL ART Pet Portrait - NATURALISTIC Colors

Custom DIGITAL ART Pet Portrait - NATURALISTIC Colors

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I love creating pet portraits on my iPad. I make them by hand using digital versions of traditional media like digital paint and paintbrushes, digital spray paint, and digital watercolors along with digital effects like grids and dot patterns (see examples in listing photos).

▶︎▶︎ This is ORIGINAL art, printed with pigment ink on fine art PAPER or ready-to-hang CANVAS. I HAND SIGN each print on the front bottom corner of the image. Created and printed by me (the artist).

▶︎▶︎▶︎▶︎ Please email me your photos BEFORE YOU PURCHASE. I need to verify that your photos will work first. This avoids refunds and cancellations!

▶︎ Your photos need have clear focus and good lighting, so I can see the facial features well. For more info, please watch this video I created discussing tips for choosing/taking good reference photos. I made it specifically for my hand-painted portraits, but all of the info is also applicable to my digital portraits.

  • PLEASE NOTE - I've streamlined the process for the digital portraits to make them more affordable. Because of this, your reference photo(s) must be good.  NO SCREENSHOTS, make sure to email me your actual photos in the largest file size that you have. To qualify for a digital portrait, your photos cannot be blurry. I can use a less good photo (low resolution, slightly blurry, cropped off ears or parts of the body that I would need to reconstruct) for an acrylic painting because I charge more so I have more time to be able to correct these issues. 

▶︎ Reference photos for portraits with more than one pet - I can combine your pets into one portrait even if you submit separate photos of them, but only if they are all looking/standing in a similar way. Head shots where they are all looking straight at the camera are best. Basically, it needs to end up Iooking somewhat believable that they're sitting or standing next to each other even though I combined them from separate photos.

▶︎▶︎▶︎▶︎ Prices & Sizes:
1 pet -
· $79 for an 8x10" on fine art paper
· $89 for a 11x14" on fine art paper
· $99 for a 16x20" on fine art paper
· $175 for a 16x20" on ready-to-hang gallery wrapped canvas
**Add an extra $25 for each extra pet (up to 3 total pets)

▶︎▶︎▶︎▶︎ Colors: this listing is for NATURALISTIC colors (see examples in listing photos).

· Free USA Shipping.
· Paper prints are easy to frame & canvas prints are ready-to-hang
· Pets do not need to be in the same photo, but they need to be all looking at the camera.
· Headshots are preferred, but I can use full body poses as well.
· It will take me 3-10 days to create your portrait depending on my schedule. When you purchase, you're automatically next in line in my queue.

▶︎▶︎ Copyright: I retain all copyrights and reproduction rights. This means I might make prints of your pet's portrait to sell and/or use for advertising purposes.


**The watermark that lists my website is not on the front of the artwork when printed. I only include it here to protect the copyright of my digital images online.

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